Internet das Coisas (IoT) – Um estudo de caso para economia de energia elétrica domiciliar

Palestrantes: André Brazioli e Haroldo da Silva Ferreira – One Linea Telecom e Wilson Sons Estaleiros

In today’s world, Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality that is coming to industry and users with infinite possible applications, the prospects said that it will cause a huge change on humans way of life. An important point on the new connected world is the increasing on the energy consumption, especially on homes that’s the focusses of this study. This article explain a simple way in order to have any electric device consumption measured, and them activated with the presence of a smartphone by an Arduino. With this idea, it is possible to deactivate everything that consumes power and it is not in use without the presence of the owner. For illustration, as per Ross, J. P. & A. Meier. 2000 article, that measure the variation in standby power consumption in ten California homes, has arrived in total standby power ranged from 14–169 W, with an average of 67 W. This corresponded to 5%–26% of the energy usage.

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