CMG Announces Measure IT Issue #7, 2011

> > About This Issue
> > Issue 7, 2011
> by Adam Grummitt, Joint Editor
> > We’re always looking for new writers. Article 8 below is a repeat of
> a call from Rick for submissions for book reviews – please give it
> some thought. It is a chance to get a free copy of a book that has
> interested you (so long as you commit to writing a short review). You
> can send your thoughts to me personally at
> if you don’t want to go formal via the
> website MeasureIT Article Submission Form
> . > > Contents
> > 1 Scott Chapman WILTM – More zIIPage May Not Be Better
> (generosity)
> > Scott has been writing an excellent series of articles under the
> title ‘What I learned this month’. His latest article has been made
> the lead in this issue as it has an interesting editorial take on the
> zIIP offering from IBM. It seeks comments from others in the mainframe
> area and could provide a vehicle for CMG members to try to influence
> Big Blue’s future enhancements in this area, if only a little bit.
> > 2 Paul Brebner Is the Cloud elastic enough?
> > Paul has started a series of articles on the measurements he has
> undertaken of the cloud in the last few years, which, taken in
> conjunction with the articles from Peter van Eyck, offers a forum for
> CMGers to discuss options for cloud performance measurement
> techniques.
> > 3 Dom Heger SSD Write Performance – IOPS Confusion Due to Poor
> > Benchmarking Techniques
> > Dom has created a second article on hot topics after the first on
> Android in issue #3. This time he is commenting on solid state disc
> write performance – a topic close to the heart of any of us who have
> moved away from spinning disks expecting huge IO improvement.
> > 4 Tom Wilson Developing toward an SLA: developing a test plan
> > Tom Wilson’s series on SLAs continues with this article on developing
> a test plan. He highlights the differences between the academic
> complexity of the perfect solution and the real world difficulties
> encountered in a particular project.
> > 5 Denise Kalm Northern California Regional meeting review
> > Denise has set the standard by making notes during the regional
> meeting at NCCMG and submitting this article the following day. We all
> know that if you don’t do it within a few days of an event you never
> will. So make the resolution to write up the next event you attend.
> You will find that if you circulate it internally, it will be of
> interest to a few. If you circulate it via MeasureIT, it will be of
> interest to many.
> > 6 Leslie Sutton, CMG’11 Call for Late Papers and preliminary agenda
> highlights.
> > Leslie notes the details for late-breaking papers and also describes
> the emerging agenda for CMG’11 which looks to be as great as ever.
> > 7 Tom Kelman Events, notices for national/international chapters
> > Tom provides his usual useful summary of upcoming regional and
> international events. Seek one out in your territory and give it a go.
> > 8 Adam Grummitt Call for Content – book reviews
> > Rick’s call for potential book reviews has already attracted some
> interest. The original closing date was August 21st. But with the
> vacation season underway, it has been decided to extend this to
> October 9th.
> > 9 Adam Grummitt Hotlinks – recommended hyperlinks
> > A new service prompted by input from Ron Kaminski indicating his
> preferred hotlinks to Emeritus Prof. Edward Tufte and supplemented by
> some links from Adam to LinkedIn and ITIL related sites.
> > MeasureIT is published as a free service to the IT community
> dedicated to capacity management and performance engineering – both
> CMG members and non-members alike. Be sure to share this link with
> friends and colleagues. Every issue is made possible through the hard
> work and dedication of the MeasureIT volunteer staff, and the
> contributions of willing writers
> . > > If you have not yet logged onto the MeasureIT site, go to the
> MeasureIT home page, MeasureIT and fill
> out the subscription request form. Join us on the CMG Forum. Become a
> part of our new social network at CMG Forum
> . It is open to everyone. We can also now
> be found on Facebook
> and
> you can follow us on Twitter. > > Check out your area and see if there is a regional USA chapter near
> you or an international chapter that you might attend. All the chapter
> details are available on CMG Groups and
> their events are on the CMG calendar at CMG Calendar of Events
> Tom Kelman has
> gathered all the latest info together for your perusal in item 7
> above.
> > We are always interested in receiving your comments and submitted
> articles. Help us make MeasureIT even better in 2011 for you and the
> other 10,000 readers.
> > > > This message is being sent on behalf of the Computer Measurement Group. > >

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