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  • Intel IT’s Top 5 Reasons for Implementing Cloud

    August 3rd, 2011 : Industry Perspectives

    Ajay Chandramouly has over 12 years of experience in the technology industry, and over 9 years of experience at Intel Corporation. Ajay held a variety of IT, software and hardware engineering positions while at Intel, and also at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


    Cloud computing is real inside Intel IT. In fact, it is one of our Top 3 Priorities this year (the other two are “consumerization” and security).  At Intel, our private cloud infrastructure as a service implementation is important because it means we can deliver a highly available computing environment that provides secure services and data on-demand to authenticated users and devices from a shared, elastic, and multi-tenant infrastructure.

    Now you’re probably thinking, “sounds good, but so what?”  Well, let me explain.

    As a result of our computing environment, Intel IT can deliver these business benefits to the corporation:

    • Agility: Server provisioning time dramatically reduced from 90 days to 3 hours, and is on a path to minutes.
    • Efficiency: Server consolidation ratios up to 20:1.  We reduced our server count from 100k to 75k.  In addition, we consolidated the number of data centers from 150 to 90.
    • Business Intelligence: We are able to measure what is used and report that back to business units.
    • Elasticity: Scaling resources based on user demand, as needed.

    Finally, I mention the cost benefits of cloud last because it was the least important reason.

    • Cost: Our cloud investments have already paid for themselves AND returned $17M in cash savings (this does not include non-cash benefits like employee productivity).

    We recognize that our most valuable resource is not our factories or process technology, but rather our employees. It was huge for us to get to a place where our engineers didn’t have to wait 3 months from when they had an idea to when they had the compute resources to develop that idea.

    So, there you have it – a nice round list of 5.

    Learn more by hearing straight from the people of Intel’s IT organization, listen to a podcast examining the enterprise cloud computing initiative at Intel with Das Kamhout and Ajay Chandramouly.

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Amelia @ International Business

Posted August 4th, 2011

This is definitely a hurray for Intel, as well as for its users. This also proves one thing to me too: cloud service is one of the things we can look forward to in the future, especially for those who are offering IT services to their clients. This will also give the established companies edge over brilliant start-ups, since the latter usually don’t have enough capital to build the needed infrastructure.

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