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Measure IT – From the Editors

September, 2010
by Denise P. Kalm, Managing Editor

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Shailesh Paliwal and Vinoth Babu Subash have written, "Performance Optimization of Oracle Distributed Databases, a step-by-step guide to performance tuning, with clear examples.  For some, this may be a relatively new challenge – jumpstart your learning with this great article.

Sun Hongda is back with "Oracle Redo Log Performance Issues and Solutions." Learn the importance of the redo log for Oracle database performance and how to manage it smarter.

Ruchir Choudhry, Alpesh Vaghela , Vaidyanathan Kothandaraman, Web Architecture  and Joseph Monsanto and Kaliki Jan, VM Architecture team present " Performance Improvement of Jboss EAP 4.3 Platform."  No time to rewrite code?  Learn how to get great performance from your systems without the time and hard work of coding.

Ashutosh Shinde has written  « Measuring workload performance – Is the infrastructure a problem?" Are you using the right workload for your load testing work?  Learn the process  Ashutosh has developed and make your testing life easier.

Tom Wilson offers "Data Mining User Behavior." When assessing a system, we tend to make a lot of assumptions about user behavior.  In this article, Wilson studies think time, arrival rate and session duration in order to test newly developed applications with more accuracy.  He also shows a great way to visualize the data obtained.

Margaret Greenberg continues her interview and biography of Ken Kolence, in "The Company."   You’ve been following this in-depth series for a few months now.  Learn some surprising information about the formation of a company you know very well.

Denise Kalm presents another edition of "Your Career Coach" with "Show Me The Money."  How many of you have tried (and failed) to get a raise?  If asking for more money (or even just asking for the salary you deserve in a hiring situation), you need to understand the situation from your manager’s point of view. Learn how here.

Michael Hines reviewed "MVS Systems Programming," by Dave Elder-Vass.  This guide is a great place to start for a budding systems programmer, as well as a resource for those who have forgotten more than most people know.

Israel Gat interviewed Annie Shum, VP of Advanced Technology, Amdocs, Corporation in "Through the Prism of IT Transformation for tomorrow’s Enterprise Datacenters."  Get ahead of the curve and learn what’s likely to happen in the future.

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Deadlines for early registration are approaching for CMG’10 in Orlando, Florida from December 6th to the 10th.  (And if you had a great paper idea which didn’t make the deadline, send it to .  Our GC, Bill Jouris, says that CMG’10 is coming together well.  Tim Hill and his team have put together a great program, covering our field from end to end, and across all platforms.  CMG’10 is an information source that you really can’t afford to miss.  Read about the keynote and plenary speakers in the article from your General Chair.  So now is the time to get your Registration in:

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Inside the CMG Bulletin we have the following CMG News items:

Tom Kelman gives you the calendar for your local CMG in Upcoming CMG Regional Meetings.  Check your calendar with the regional meeting in your neighborhood and plan on attending and bringing a colleague.  Both North American and International meetings are highlighted.  Boston, Connecticut, Ohio Valley, Northern California, Rocky Mountain, St. Louis, Southern California and Philly are all coming up.   A new region is forming in Florida – stay tuned for details about their first meeting.  Can’t always get to National?  Check out your local region for events.

Austria/Eastern Europe (AE-CMG) have three meetings coming up.  CMG Brazil and UKCMG are also planning meetings. Check out the details here.  A new region has formed in the Netherlands.  Learn about their first meeting and plans for upcoming meetings.

We are always interested in receiving your comments, suggestions, and submitted articles. Help us make Measure IT even better in 2010.

This issue was made possible through the hard work and dedication of the Measure IT volunteer staff, and the contributions of willing authors.   We’re always looking for new editors and new writers. We have an international following so are particularly hoping for more participation from the rest of the world.

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